The Duke of Edinburgh opens the Worldwide Fund for Nature’s HQ

The logo designed by Sir Peter Scott

VIPs select nibbles from a tray;
armed with a press badge, pencil and notebook,
I pluck up courage to approach my prey.
His Royal Highness stops speaking to look;
he had been chatting to Sir Peter Scott,
who lost his father in an icy lair.
I’m now exposed in another tight spot;
like quarry locked in his cross-hairs, I stare.
No need to flinch, just ask him the question:
“What’s your favourite conservation scheme?”
“Myself” he says without hesitation,
confirming he holds hacks in low esteem.
The Duke was there to open Panda House;
a sportsman who bagged tiger, stag and grouse.

Richard Foster
November 2016

Working as a reporter for a news agency in early 1980s, I was sent to Godalming, Surrey, to cover the official opening of Panda House, HQ of the Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF).


Author: rjefoster

I am a budding musician and poet hoping to bloom.

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