Final Lullaby

Sheila Margaret Foster 1932-2015

Mum rallied as I drove 275 miles south
to a Saxon town where Canute* died.
She held back the tide
so I could play a final lullaby.

The twinkle in her eye was eloquent
shining from the depths of dementia;
a labyrinth of confusion harmonised by
fingers touching strings.

Mum looked up from the bed
as Segovia’s favourite encore** faded.
Our eyes met: Don’t fret;
her final message.

A carer offering sustenance
broke the spell.
Life must go on, so Mum let go.
Then the tide came in.

Richard Foster
February 2017

*King Canute (aka Cnut) died in Shaftesbury, Dorset, on 12 November 1035, aged about 40.

**El Noi de la Mare (A Catalan Lullaby):


Author: rjefoster

I am a budding musician and poet hoping to bloom.

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