John From Littledown*


PURE DROP IRISH MUSIC SESSION: Dan Foster plays fiddle with box maestro Sharon Shannon at Limerick.

Inside the coffin is a deep, dark silence.
Outside there’s a mournful tune played on violin.
The slow air links the generations:
from a life well lived, now ended
(the mortal remains sealed away, soon to be buried),
to a grandson on the cusp of a fruitful life
where creative opportunities beckon
alongside siren songs to avoid.

His music fills the silence as dust motes,
caught in daylight falling through a church window,
vibrate to a melody never before heard in public.
It first took flight on the banks of the Shannon,
amidst luminaries of Irish folk music,
as a musician mourned his grandfather far away.
An air rooted in tradition, a slow air in his memory,
a tune he never heard, a tune never to be forgotten.

Richard Foster
January 2017

*Title of a slow air for violin composed by Daniel John Foster after his grandfather John Foster died on 30/03/2013.


Author: rjefoster

I am a budding musician and poet hoping to bloom.

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