Homespun Wood


Dad had a feel for wood,
working with the grain to craft a mitre joint.
The sweet scent of fresh cut timber made him feel good;
fashioning wood gave his life a point.

One Christmas I unwrapped a garage he had made;
a prelude to endless hours of fun
until the joy of toy cars began to fade
and the garage was packed away, dusted and done.

Wood-turning was his salvation
when Parkinson’s disease took hold.
His determination was a revelation
as he turned candlesticks in the cold.

His draughty shed, littered with many a wood shaving,
resembled a *Pre-Raphaelite painting;
the one where Christ’s shadow is pinned to a wall,
reminding us that death comes to us all.

Richard Foster
February 2017

*The Shadow of Death by William Holman Hunt (1870-73, retouched 1886), Manchester City Art Galleries.


Author: rjefoster

I am a budding musician and poet hoping to bloom.

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