Minster Muffled

Volunteers commune with well-drilled choreography,
pulling together to uphold an Anglican tradition: campanology.
Gigantic bells swing above them in strict time, ringing historic peals for a nation
as the mighty cathedral vibrates to chimes of celebration.

Now the bells are silent; a symphony of sound muffled.
The Dean & Chapter’s ecclesiastical feathers are ruffled.
Clashing with bell-ringers, like clappers on steel,
they have decided to bring them to heel.

Now there’s discord where once was harmony,
a clanger’s been dropped on the York Minster family.
“When will the bells toll again?” is the woebegone cry.
Only when the strife-torn church is able to mollify.

Richard Foster
October 2016

It is traditional for worshippers to be summoned by bells, particularly on a Sunday. However, there’s discord in the bell tower at York Minster, pictured. One wonders what the Victorian novelist Anthony Trollop would have made of it.



Author: rjefoster

I am a budding musician and poet hoping to bloom.

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